2012 Goals — Week 3

I’m so in the weeds I can’t see anything but weeds. Weeds and dishes. Weeds, dishes, and laundry. Weeds, dishes, laundry, and dirty floors.  Weeds, dish…oh, you get it.

Exercise in some capacity for at least 15 minutes 15 days a month. Two days of stretching with a third planned for tomorrow. My leg is awfully painful, so that comes first. I’m already starting to think about how I will lose the baby weight in the spring/summer. I see a lot of walks in my future.

Write here every day for at least 5 minutes and for at least 2 minutes in my “Line a Day” 5 year journal. I feel it’s cheating when I can spend “only” 5 minutes here, but that’s actually a good sign. Habit in place.  The last few days and the next few are pressing down hard on me. Still, I sneak in stolen moments of writing.

Have something I write/create be shared in a public space (à la performance, someone else publishing it, etc) by end of year. The same two ideas keep bouncing around my head…I’m going to let them bounce. Heat up the atoms enough and there will be some sort of reaction. Writing-as-nuclear-physics….and no, this won’t be what I write about. Because it sucks.

Re-learn the piano, playing at least 5 times a week (emphasis on playing) Shelved for now.

Make two new gal pals and/or strengthen relationship with 2 women I already know so I can consider us good friends and not just acquaintances. Have a few things on the calendar and a few get-togethers that are ready to be put on the calendar once schedules are coordinated. YAY!

Figure out how to make turning 40 fabulous. 40 still scares the snot out of me. Will start thinking about why.

Take one picture a day for the entire year.  It’s great! I’m loving the documenting.

Off to a bowling adventure to celebrate Monkey J being (almost) 100% potty trained. I’m choosing to ignore the big piss on the floor that occurred this morning.  (Not to the point of not cleaning it up, of course.)


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