Day: January 24, 2012


I have been mulling over writing about my problems with the Bridesmaids (movie) cult of admirers since I saw (and hated) the film this past weekend. Don’t judge…Huzzy and I haven’t seen a film in a theater since our dating days.

I get very caught up in trying to separate what is simply a matter of subjective humor and what are the broader social implications.

Then I feel pretentious.  But I feel someone needs to put together what some others have whispered about this film — it’s a guilty pleasure…but it’s not the best we women…those women, can do.

I also get scared, stupidly, because the improv world is tight-knit and can get very defensive. I don’t think that the level of improv (or improvised prep that found its way in the movie) is a good or bad thing. But I am trying to express it so it’s not anti-improv. I am anti-that movie.

I just don’t think the movie is as big a success, particularly for “women’s comedy,” as so many tout; the financial success, of course, is a different issue.

I grapple with the derivative nature of the film, the two-dimensional characters, the old tired tropes being played out, and the generally inoffensive “leads” in the movie.

There is nothing threatening, nothing that makes anyone uncomfortable about these women…other than their diarrhea.

And I am having a hard time weaving together an argument, but I am really good at feeling upset about this film.

If I can finally articulate my thoughts, I will share them here. I need to work it through.

It’s a weird feeling, one I am unfamiliar with. Usually if I write sloppily or badly, it’s a function of time. I don’t claim at all that this blog is anywhere near my best writing. But I’ve never been stuck like this.  Which means this is important to me, and that I’m making it more difficult than I need to. And that I need to find my confidence.

Darned meta-cognition.

Wish me luck!