Day: January 7, 2012

My Year In Photos — Week 1

January 1- January 6 

Abbreviated week

New Year's Breakfast, cinnamon brown butter puffs. If these are prognosticative, the year will be sweet and full of butter.
Brotherly support as Monkey J. poops in the potty for the first time. (Not pictured: The three blow-outs in the two hours following)
My entryway. There's little hope for the rest of the house.
Looking glam and smart figuring out the camera.
Monkey L. looking glam and smart figuring out his face.
Monkey J. didn't like that cookie at all. Nope. No way. Also, there's a bird on his head.
Heated pool, heated room, best swim instructor in the world. That ain't their mama's Y.

Next week…a cleaner lens.