My Year in Photos — Week 3

January 14-21

Miss Pickadilly, how do you stay so grounded when you live the life of the rich, famous, and talented?  

I like to air my children out every once in a while. Aren’t they just wonderful accessories…I mean, children? So well-behaved no matter how many layers they are in and how tightly the seatbelts bind in the crotch. No more pictures of them, please. I don’t want Suri to get jealous.

I try to keep in touch with all the Little People. You all make those fun little piles of clothes on your table, right?

I also…what’s that word? Ah, yes…clean. You’ll notice I worked a good five minutes on organizing this wee closet. Then I got tired of wrestling those wretched fitted sheets and threw them up top.  

I, of course, workout in my home gym.  What? I always take pictures of my knee bends. And yes, I’m wearing a sports bra.  

I always like to hobnob with local businesses, too.

And attend local sporting events, like this. I believe it’s called “Baseball.”

But I’m really here to talk about my new project. It’s called Casa Pickadilly.  It’s like The Artist with more countertops.  Here are some stills:


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