Drive By Post

The day ran away from me…allow me, please, a quicky post as water boils for dinner.

Water boiling seems to be an appropriate accompaniment for discussion of a baby sort.

  • Just had an OB/GYN appointment. My cervix is completely over and draped around the cervix…like an squid sucker latched onto the inside of your mouth…you know, if you order squid in a restaurant. Or if you accidentally get one in your mouth when swimming.
  • Probable c-section. That’s fine.
  • Will need monthly ultrasounds to make sure the placenta doesn’t attach to and then squirm out of my prior c-section scar. Ewwww. Let’s hope there is no Cake Wreck-type of reproduction of that phenomenon.
  • Bleeding is likely after 30 weeks.
  • Need a shit-ton of blood work done to rule out clotting issues (related to leg problems)
  • May need hysterectomy.

Did I mention Baby is still a girl?


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