My Year in Photos — Week 2

January 7-13


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Didn’t I see this very picture in Cosmo, Italian Vogue, and Asses to Spank?” No. No, you actually didn’t.  This is just one of those fortunate pictures where the glamour almost sneaks up on you. Compression stockings that roll down at the actual point of pain, pasty white legs underneath, black socks, and ballerina slippers all delicately offset by the angled pillow and offset heating pad.  It’s practically art. I know. I get it. Your confusion is understandable.

And what are you doing reading Cosmo, anyway?

Huzzy. He works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.

Fuzzy.  He works hard for the kibble. So hard for it, bibble.

This view will become more common as the kids age. Carpool pick up.

I splurged on a book to call my own, as opposed to supporting my local library.  A few days and almost 200 pages later, I am once again enamored.


The first (and rather late) snowfall of the season. Those pink cheeks were long anticipated.

Yukon Monkey L.


My boys…they seem to have caught the fuzz from the dog. Or maybe I need to wipe off my lens on the iPhone. In either case, one look at the big guy and you can see why I call this, “Quick, take the picture, someone farted.”


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