Puzzle. NaNoWriMo Day 10

Words Today: 1,947

Total Words: 24,775


Today was a day I couldn’t schedule around my writing, which I have been able to do to a certain extent for the rest of the month. Early meetings and late meetings today mean that the two prime no-children-at-home times to write were gone. I did not try to start anything new, rather, I drafted a piece that’s been on my mind about photography and today’s children (specifically my children) and continued some descriptions of my time in improvisational comedy. In that second piece, I’m trying to capture as many memories, brief or detailed, as possible, so that when there is a longer story or (dare I say?) novel, there will be truths in the fiction.

It’s starting to feel like the stories and the possible novels and the essays are all coming in pieces, and rather than my trying to do complete pictures, I feel as though each day I am taking a tiny paintbrush to a piece of a puzzle, painting it, and setting it aside to dry.

I’ll save the assembly for later, when the pieces are painted and the dog fuzz is vacuumed up off the floor.

Hey, there have to be some sacrifices this month…like housework. Ah, NaNoWriMo, you naughty naughty mistress.


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