Driftwood. NaNoWriMo Day #9

Words today: 3177

Total words: 22,828


Today I wrote and, more importantly, played with the story of my time in improvisation. I’m learning quickly this month that all my little daydreams and what ifs and I shoulda moments are really fun to plant on the page, morph, twist, and shape.

It’s a matter of paying attention to my mental driftwood and turning it into something workable, rather than ignoring it for the something good. Or important. Or whatever my ego/editor is trying to tell me. Liberating stuff, and I’m trying to ignore the part of my brain that is jumping around saying “DUH! You should have figured that out twenty years ago.”

There’s a lot competing for my attention, so I can’t always stop and admire the driftwood, but I’m glad it catches my ear and eye these days. I wrote a pretty great comparison today. Just a sentence or two that give me little thrills because it is so spot on and what I wanted to say. I’ll take it.

I’m also fiddling with some bloggy pieces, some about parenting, some about aging, some about the writing process, some just silly humor pieces. It’s good to have little ideas, filaments that all catch the light now.

Tonight I meet to work on my beloved (albeit slow-to-happen) web series. We’re ready to take the next steps, even though we’re not.

That’s the secret, isn’t it? Taking the next step whether or not you’re ready.

Yeah, I’m glad I don’t write fortune cookies, either.


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