Day: November 12, 2015

Even Today. Especially Today. NaNoWriMo Day 12

Words Today: 1868

Total Words: 29,335


Today was a day of three meetings and several other responsibilities. The wind is howling this evening, and the air feels like it is cutting into my bones and nerves with sharp, wet knives. The kids are exhausted from another busy week, the couch is seducing me with it’s squish, and my youngest just wants to rest her head against my shoulder and occasionally press buttons on the keyboard.

I want to become one with an over-sized blanket.

But I wrote because I know myself enough to know if I skip a day, I’ll feel stressed about it, no matter how far ahead I am. If I write less than the 1667 words, I’ll feel sloppy. I don’t feel that way about other writers, just myself. Anyone else, I’d tell them to forgive themselves.

What I forgive myself, though, is the quality of writing today, which was admittedly terrible. But not unsalvageable.  That’s what next month and the rest of my life is for. Today’s words can age and mellow or grow bold, whatever they need to do.

And now it’s time to curl up.