Update: Day 30

Yes, still writing. Have been home all week with the three children (one sick), the dog (also sick). No one is sleeping well. It’s the last week of school.

The writing has been an oasis. I hope to make it more of a vacation spot once this week ends. But I have been writing. I won’t count the last three days in the “100 Days” as the writing has been placeholding.

But today, oh today, I have time. TIME. Not much, but I have it.
And I have things to say.

I hope only to keep my eyes open.

It’s very easy for me to say to myself “Oh, these 100 days had to be IN A ROW! Consecutive or Bust! Start over” But I won’t. I go forward. I forgive myself the roles I chose to play over writer.

But I continue. It’s Day 30. I have paper cuts, ink smudges, post-its, scribbles, and filled pages to show for it.

It counts.

And now I write. The baby is napping for the first time in a week. The obligations pressing on me can be done when the older children come home and do the “Tomorrow is the Last Day of School!” dance/primal scream.

So I hope this to be the last of this type of post, at least for awhile, and to be able to show (not tell) once again.

Later, gator.


2 thoughts on “Update: Day 30

  1. Oh yes it counts! Those past few days that you didn’t actually “write” on paper, well I bet you were thinking about writing and wishing you had just a few more hours in your day that were “your hours”. So those days count because you were writing but not on paper you were soul writing.
    Keep on keepin on


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