Day 31. Chugging.

Still writing.

Everything from last week, the week of no sleep, no silence, no thought just can’t count towards the Day Count (hence why I’m on Day 31). The drafts from the last ten days are staggeringly bad. I’m putting them in the Time Out corner.

Today I’m tucking into a little Jazz Age-inspired writing.  I love that era.

I purchased a new notebook for my upcoming trip this week. I will be off the grid mostly, but writing every day. Change of scenery, change of pace, not changing diapers should be interesting.

It’s easy to look at my inspiration, especially local writers who managed to write scenes/chapters/movies every day for a year or a month or a block of time and feel discouraged.  You know what? My 100 days will not be uninterrupted. So be it.

I asked myself this morning — What if, at the end of 100 Days, you have a few short pieces up on this site and nothing else to show for it?

And the answer was, Write More on Day 101.

Chugga Chugga Chugga.


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