Day: June 2, 2014

Oh Purdy. Day 25 of 100 Days of Writing

Changes of scenery often inspire, hence the new look for the blog.

Ha, just kidding. I just wanted to mess around with how it looks.

Currently working on a monologue about a woman who has is supremely confident in her own sexuality for an unusual reason.

The idea for this came during my walk today. I like walking. Sometimes I can even pretend by yelling “on your left” to dogs lying in their front yards minding their own business.  Walking is the best way for ideas, writing and otherwise, to shake themselves into a reasonable web.  Some people smarter than I would attribute that to the rhythmic and repetitive nature of the activity. Other people who are me would attribute that to having an hour or so without the Mini Pickadillies terrorist demands requests for assistance, attention, and loving acts.

I was moodling about wanting to get back on stage, to get back behind the stage as well. Really thinking about what I want to work on theatrically and with whom. Those thoughts wandered to the types of parts currently out there for women my age. That was a brief thought because there are actually few. I’m in a bit of a “meaty part” age void.

But there is always Nunsense.

More parts are going to have to be crafted for women in this very fertile crescent, and I’d love to craft them.

And I went from Nunsense to…well, that’s to be continued.