Baking and Burning — Honeybun Cake and S’mores Cookies

Honeybun Cake — it just sounded so damned good.

And looked good…

…and smelled good, especially while drizzling glaze on it fresh from the oven…

And tasted…

Presentation is everything

Like a sugar bomb.  Seriously…one glucose test this week was enough.

I was, therefore, worried about the sweetness level of the S’mores cookies I wanted to try. Essentially, they looked like a chocolate chip cookie atop a graham cracker with a piece of Hershey bar smooshed in there. And it was…but the amounts of sugar in the cookie were significantly lowered and off-set by the cinnamon goodness of the graham cracker.

Eat them as soon as they’ve cooled down enough to do so to get that melty-chocolate experience.  Cooled off they’re good, too. I suppose these would keep for a few days…but they won’t last.

The dough.
Dough on cookies? Crazy!!!!
Half-way baked, placing Hershey's on top


DH declared it one of my Three Best Cookies Ever!  He likes to think he’s an expert.

Here’s the link for the S’mores cookies recipe. I used the cinnamon…I think the recipe needs it, and halved the Hershey pieces. An entire rectangle isn’t necessary.

If you want the Honeybombbun recipe, let me know.


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