2012 Goals — Week 1

Continuing this glamorous pregnancy, I am dealing with severe leg pain, most likely varicose veins. (I’ve always had bumpy veins behind my knee, but last night and today they hurt like the Dickens.) I’m going to try to keep this as short as my temper is right now.

Most of my resolutions/goals have thus far been kept. However, it’s only January 6, so I’m not going to pull out the pompoms quite yet.


Exercise in some capacity for at least 15 minutes 15 days a month. I exercised (really, just some stretches and strength moves) on Monday and Wednesday, with the intention of continuing today and tomorrow with stretches and walking. With my right leg resisting much weight being put on it, I’m putting this on hold. I suppose I could do some sort of butt clenching exercise…but there will be no photos of that. I promise.
Write here every day for at least 5 minutes and for at least 2 minutes in my “Line a Day” 5 year journal. So far, so good. That journal is pretty easy to maintain…it really forces me to summarize the day pithily.

Five years from today I'll know how much my leg pain makes me want to keep writing "Ouch, damn it!"

Have something I write/create be shared in a public space (a la performance, someone else publishing it, etc) by end of year. I am still in the purge state of writing…it will take at least 3-4 weeks to get past the froth and into the good stuff. I will be patient with this. I am waiting to see what pours out, what can be crafted into something that needs to be shared.
Re-learn the piano, playing at least 5 times a week (emphasis on playing) I worry that this one will completely fall by the wayside.  I think I will need to get a keyboard that I can use headphones with. With Huzzy working from home and my likely rehearsal time to be when the boys/baby are sleeping, it’s best to keep the noise and funk to myself.
Make two new gal pals and/or strengthen relationship with 2 women I already know so I can consider us good friends and not just acquaintances. Already asked one cool woman to let me know when we could hang out…she told me once her house is out of escrow and her divorce closer to finalizing. That was awkward.
Figure out how to make turning 40 fabulous. Being in pain doesn’t help make me feel fabulous.  I see my wrinkles and my freckles. I am amazed at the freckles because I wear SPF 30 (at least) every day. I am at that point where I worry I will disappear into societal irrelevance, as so many women seem to (or feel to) do.
Take one picture a day for the entire year. This has been the most successful so far. I’m having a blast and am enjoying my Christmahannukwanzikah gift of an iPhone. The photos aren’t the best quality, but they work for documenting my life.  I’m already finding it fascinating how many of my photos are of the boys. Obviously, this is also a good way for me to quickly see where I need to broaden my focus. (A picture of Huzzy would be nice!)

I probably should have added a half-year goal of not quadrupling my weight with this pregnancy…but I don’t want to push things.


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