As It Was In The Beginning, OR Phase 1 of 2 of 1

After the last month of daily blogging, much of it loose and sloppy, I have shaken out the rattling, jagged thoughts.

The original concept for this blog was approximately two well-crafted essays a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. My hope was to craft intelligent and purposeful posts that showcase the connections my brain tends to find in the random and in the obvious.

Somewhere along the way, that got lost.

I felt stuck.

I was in a complaining spiral, accelerated by lack of sleep, lack of comfort with my work.

So I rebooted, writing every day and sharing whatever it was I wrote. Quantity over quality.

I now feel ready to go back to the beginning and do the type Thanks for indulging me.

I will continue to write every day, but hope to, for the most part, post more crafted, edited, aged pieces of writing.  Of course, the occasional off-the-top-of-my-noggin entries will make appearances.

See you in a few.

Also, not for nothing, but my house smells like cat pee. I do not own a cat.


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