Day: June 6, 2011

Just a Song Before I Go

I’m off on holiday until Wednesday. On Thursday, I have house guests (notice I didn’t say “company”) arriving and staying through Sunday.

I have no idea if there is wi-fi where I am staying. More importantly, I don’t know if I will write. I am curious to see if I am compelled to write.

I know the habit is there…I love coming to my computer and brain-dumping every day. That was what I wanted. For the last 26 days, I’ve kept that promise to myself…to write…and that is well beyond the required time to make it a habit.

Now it calls me. Let’s see if it calls me long-distance from another state.

I do believe it will.

Also — In the likely event that my vacation will turn into something resembling a Lifetime Movie Event, here are the words I would like to leave you with. This makes me look really clever and wise if I get buried under a pile of rubble or kidnapped by my own long-lost twin who I never knew existed:

Have a good one. Calm down. Trust yourself. Be generous. Be quiet. Be bold. Kick butt. Go home. Thus ends the canon of my advice. Print it out, carry it with you, and you need never be without it again