Sleepy. NaNoWriMo Day 27

Words Today: 1588

Total Words: 54,886


As my uncle would ask, How was your Thanksgiving(,) turkey?

I wonder now if I should do total words per month as I continue past November. Probably not, as I will be spending as much if not more time revising, rewriting, and editing as I do crafting. But it’s a fun thing to keep track of. I’m small-goal oriented.

The second look at all these pieces will begin December 1. I’m curious to see what I did. I did not allow myself to edit as I write, which is a habit I had to unlearn. Remember standardized tests in school? Write a perfect-as-possible essay in 45 minutes? That stuck with me. I did not reread anything I wrote this last month, other than the last sentence if it was a piece I was picking up on a subsequent day.


I’m also full of leftovers: turkey and pie and mashed potatoes and gratitude.

And another kid is sick, so there’s not a lot of sleep happening here as floors rumble from his all-night coughing fits, poor kid. The cloudy, windy night again urges me to curl up and rest. And so I shall.




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