NaNoWriMo Day 4. Words

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Words Today: 2810!!! (321 words below and the rest in other drafts )

Total Words: 8036


I am a little surprised by the totals today. The day did not look promising for writing. I woke up early to get started, to see if I could crank out a few hundred words, and a child heard my eyes open and joined me at my writign table. I had two meetings and several obligations to meet today.

And yet, I wrote what was on my mind, a stream-of-consciousness about political correctness and the power of our words. This spilled out into writing a more creative piece based on a theater experience I had. I’m not sure if this will evolve into one piece or two, but it’s interesting to me.

It’s a first draft, most definitely, and reflects some messy thinking, but I do want to revisit and post it here soon.

I am also working on a script for my upcoming web series. This particular episode has been giving me problems from the start, but I owe it to my cowriter and my director to have something on paper. I did a few hundred words there.

I’m also hoping to edit my second piece on having twins that I’m submitting for consideration for publication. I have about 30 minutes guaranteed quiet writing time today. The rest of the day will be noisy and/or filled with responsibilities.

I wish to God I had a novel to write. Or even a short story. I would love to use this time to craft fiction, to go from A to B in a loopy, whirling fashion, picking up all sorts of friends and adventure along the way. I’m just bereft of ideas. It’s time to dig up my prompt books…sigh.

This is the worst kind of block for me…the wanting to write, the fluidity of writing, and yet having nothing really to say in sustained fashion. I would imagine having a BIG STORY to tell would motivate me.

Priming the pump. Always priming.


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