3-Year-Olds in Cars Getting Juice Boxes

Today in our continuing series of driving around having inane conversations in terrible and inexplicable midday traffic.

3: Mama, let’s play I Spy.

Me: Are you sure you don’t want to play the quiet game?

3: I SPY!

Me: You go first.

3: I spy with my evil eye something that is the color of the zoo.


3: Mama?

Me: What color is the zoo?

3: All colors.

Me: Ah. Got it. Is it the car wash?

3: Where’s the car wash?

Me: (pointing) Over there.

3: Oh! I never saw that before. Yes! You guessed it! Your turn.

Me: I spy with my little eye something that is green.

3: Is it a dragon?

Me: I…uh…don’t have dragon vision. Do you see a dragon?

3: No.

Me: Take another guess of what I can actually see that is green.

3: Ummm, a dragon!

Me: Let’s play a different game.

3: Yes! Let’s play Caillou.

Me: Damn it.

3: I’ll be Rosie, you be Caillou.

Me: Hi, Rosie. What do you want to do today?

3: Let’s play baseball!

Me: Great!





3: Ok, let’s play a new game.

Me: How about we listen to the radio?

3: Oooh, that’s a great idea!

Me: (Puts on NPR, which is playing a piece about Woody Allen’s latest movie.)

3: (Asleep in fourteen seconds.)

Driver next to us, with her windows rolled down, turns up her music.

3: (jolting awake) Mama! Let’s play I Spy!


3 thoughts on “3-Year-Olds in Cars Getting Juice Boxes

  1. Haha! Lately my daughter’s car ride activity is to look at a book and then shout from the back seat, “What does it say?” on repeat until I want to drive us over a bridge. So fun!


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