Thanks 2

We’re midway through summer, although the weather has been summery for exactly three of those days . The mosquitoes got the memo, though. I am mosquito brunch. Still, there is still much to enjoy.

1. Farmers and their markets. This is a sure-fire way to get my kids curious about and eating their vegetables. The farmers are always happy to chat about the farm-to-table (or farm-to-market) process, and we even have gotten to chat up a local beekeeper. ( Bees are in trouble and it’s no joke.)  But why stop at produce? Our farmers’ markets have music. If you’ve never sampled fresh raspberries while swaying to smooth licks played on a pan flute, you haven’t lived. Also, Farmers’ Markets are some of the last places on earth it’s ok to wear ugly, floppy hats in public.

2. Sometimes the days are long and dusty and filled with childnoise. A good sandwich is an oasis.  The other day I enjoyed a turkey sandwich with roasted red pepper, asiago cheese, and sun dried tomato pesto on an herby ciabatta bread. God bless the sandwich makers.

3 Quick — what is tart, refreshing, and easy?  If you answered “Jackie in college!” you’d be right, technically. But in this instance, I’m referring to homemade key lime pie. Fantastic, summery, and perfect. (Three words that were never applied to me)

4. Moments we witness our children’s growth. Sometimes it’s physical, like giving my sons their haircuts. They go from looking like 6-year-old moptops to…big boys.  Sometimes it’s something else. We went to the zoo he other day. Ordinarily I’d expect whining abut walking too much, impatience with lines, or general disagreeability. There was none of that. The littles were fascinated and patient. They held doors for other people behind them. They whined not once. They joked around. They even helped push their sister’s stroller. They held my hand. Of course they did this after wiping their mouths of Dippin’ Dots residue. Sticky good times in this sweet spot of childhood and parenthood.

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3

5. And last but not least, a big WAY TO GO to NASA for reaching the edges of our solar system and opening up our imaginations once again.


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