Goals 2014 — Week 1

Last time I set goals, they were year long, broken down into parts, and too easily abandoned when life got in the way. Crisis, need, speed, and multiple lunches to pack got in the way. I lost momentum.

Loss of momentum and inability to gain it is a big part of parenting three young children while trying to articulate dreams and walk the dog and make dinner and shower more than once a month.

Break it down, say professional goal-setters and life coaches. Small steps towards larger goals.

I’m going one better (and I’m not even a life coach!) I’m just having small weekly goals. Spurts. By week 52 I can see where these small steps got me. And this allows me flexibility.

This week’s goals:

* Write daily on this blog.
* Write daily in my personal journal.
* Read every day, if only for a few moments.
* Start with “yes” and go from there, especially with my children
* Practice patience with my children and my spouse and myself
* Keep school mornings efficient and not stressful
* Select a show to see this month and get tickets.
* Listen

Small steps as the kids go back to school.


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