Day: January 6, 2014

Meet Molly Gluckenspiegel

Pickadilly is proud to add to our lineup of authors, Life Coach Molly Gluckenspiegel!


Hello Readers! I am the product of a Jewish-Catholic marriage, and therefore years of unsolicited advice and guilt.  I am thrilled to pass that along to you.  No problem is so bad it cannot be talked about endlessly while we wring our hands together over coffee cake and a bit of Schnapps.  No secrets, my friend, because it all comes out in the end…all over social media. I look forward to answering your questions and making sure you understand that guilt is, in fact, a very useful emotion.

About Me:

For 15 months I worked as a hostess at the local Knights of Columbus banquet hall, where I found I was the one giving tips to diners!  This often moved them to uncomfortable silence.  After being swept off my feet by my husband Martin (who is still learning which of my sighs means what, bless him), and raising four beautiful children (three of whom never call and one of whom lives at home and will, presumably, take care of me when I’m infirm and unable to bathe myself), I realized after years of parenting and talking on the phone that my God-given gift is something I call “forthrighteousness.” 

I soon hung my shingle where ever I went. It’s a shingle! It’s easily moved!  You may not even know you have a problem until a complete stranger tells you about it in the scented candle aisle at Target.   I can see what gigantic mistakes people are making and stop them from completely destroying their lives with a little bit of Molly Reality  mixed with some good old religious wisdom. I am Tevye meets Father Dowling, darling, and we’ll figure out what’s wrong with you and fix it with an eye towards Heaven. 

I am the author of several books, many of which I’m sure are dog-eared on your mother’s nightstand, including St. Nudnik, and That’s Fine, I’ll Just Be Kneeling Over Here, Alone: A Guide to Mastering Any Social Situation with Religious Aplomb.

When I’m not helping people make better choices in their lives, I can be found at my wetbar working on my line of adult beverages, Manischewitz Mixers — perfect for mixed marriages, mixed signals, or Irish wakes.  

Send me your life problems to solve. No problems? Trust me, I’ll find one for you!

Until next week, dearies.  If you can’t wait that long, you can follow me on Twitter @JollyMollyGluck