In Ickness and in Stealth

The boys are sick. It’s rare they both begin an illness at the same time. Usually it’s staggered, so a cold can linger in this house for three or four weeks. That’s a lot of late night cuddles.  There’s not a lot one can give a toddler for a cold other than honey, Tylenol (when it’s not being recalled), and a vaporizer.

I’m curious to see if it’s indeed better to have both at the same point in an illness at the same time.

I need to put my curiosity to better use.  Oh, the wonders of the universe I could solve.

The last 24 hours have been awesome and a little scary.  I received a package sent by the other 60 mamas in my online mama group. It was a sort of pregnancy care package…a book, a blanket, some bath gel.  I wish I had the words to express how much it felt like I was getting a long-distance hug without sounding twee.  So twee it is.

The most twee/new age-y/I probably need the bath gel cuz I’m an earth mama thing about yesterday is that within two hours of waking up, I heard from four different and random sources that it was a day to “take a risk.”  I’m not one to take notice of this sort of message without caffeine, but it stuck.

Later, there was a general call for someone to help a terrific music director/creative type perhaps write a show.  I asked for more information and assumed I’d be one of a gazillion to offer and therefore be ignored.  An hour later, I got a response with more information about the project, asking if I had ideas.  I did. I had about 20 ideas.  I responded quickly and am now committed to writing up 3 different synopses for her to choose from.

This sort of thing comes easily…it’s a creative, broad, silly parody.  I’m looking forward to working on these synopses.  Even if nothing comes of it…if someone else presents her with better ideas…it’s fun to exercise this part of my brain in what, if I used this term, would be my wheelhouse.


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