2012 Goals — Week 6

Two very sick children, so this will be brief.  Monkey L had a barfy night, which means I had a night of laundry and baths and other icky stuff.

Exercise in some capacity for at least 15 minutes 15 days a month. It’s snowing,so I’m hoping for some fun outside time with the boys. I am so physically uncomfortable and exhausted chasing after two boys that parenting has become my exercise most days.  When baby arrives, family walks (or – gasp! mama walks!) will be daily. Air for baby, smaller ass for mama.  Win!

Write here every day for at least 5 minutes and for at least 2 minutes in my “Line a Day” 5 year journal. Doing well. I’m happy.  Again, I seem to be crushed for time these days.

Have something I write/create be shared in a public space (à la performance, someone else publishing it, etc) by end of year. As I mentioned yesterday, I am writing up proposals for three versions of a show I inquired about yesterday. This also explains where the exercise time went.  Interesting how hard it is for me to write three one-page proposals two or three words at a time. TIME. I NEED TIME! But I am so excited and pumped about this! That’s a wonderful feeling.

Re-learn the piano, playing at least 5 times a week (emphasis on playing) Shelved for now.

Make two new gal pals and/or strengthen relationship with 2 women I already know so I can consider us good friends and not just acquaintances. Having coffee/pie/dessert/meetups with two women in the next two weeks. These things always happen when I am crunched for time. Friends only seem available when I need to get some writing/creative work done.

Figure out how to make turning 40 fabulous. Fabulous 40 will depend on these other factors.

Take one picture a day for the entire year.  Still loving it….


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