Boo on me. Attitude Reset. Yay!

Going around the internet is the Theater Code of Ethics. Since I rub elbows a lot with theater types here in Chicago, it’s been shared quite a lot in my circle.

It’s a phenomenal reminder of the Way I Believe It Should Be.

I wonder if I’ve broken this code by processing my experiences here. Possibly. I hope not. But I do need to be open to the possibility that I’ve knocked the World I Love.

I *have* let disappointments dampen my enthusiasm. I am so glad she put that on her list.

Something to think about…I would hate most of all to feel I’ve been disrespectful to the art forms that feed my passion and fury by writing.

Another reminder to get my head out of my own butt and be grateful.

I have been part of so much good. I have felt the buzz.  I have participated in some amazing projects. I’ve let my ego get in the way. I’ve let my feelings get hurt. I’ve pointed like a teenager and said, to myself, “That’s not fair!”

For the love of all that is theatrical, that’s a drag.

I explained to a friend the other day that this blog has been many things to me. Of late, it has been a place to process the darker feelings. I forget sometimes that it’s “out there.”  I forget that the good feelings that I usually land on need to be shared, too.

Good head check and a thump on my own head to be the change I want to see and to exemplify the best theater can be.


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