Day One, or Blarping on Paper

Let’s look at the process today:

I spent my morning straightening-up time thinking about where I want certain scenes and images.  I’m working in small bits right now…flashes of movement, short passages of dialog, points of character growth.  I’m forcing myself not to worry about “getting it right” on the first draft, as I so often told my students.  I know that the theme of the show is something that will develop as I write, not something I will start with.  Once I identify it, editing will be much easier.

I’m trying to figure out how many characters I need, then figure out the minimal number of actors.  I want this to be character-driven.  It’s tempting to try to include every crazy teacher-type I’ve encountered.  I won’t, but I’m having a heck of a time reminiscing.

In what may have seemed ego-driven, I announced on FB that I’m doing this.  I know that putting it out in public will force me to stay with it…I would feel too foolish now not to follow through!

Most importantly, I wrote.  I wrote a scene.  It needs work.  A lot of work.  But it is easier to work with something on the paper.  I am getting a sense of the tone I want this show to have.  I am getting a sense of characters I want to have.

I am toying with style — do I want the songs/musical numbers to be vaudevillian in nature — I am thinking of using the songs to bring out not only the heightened emotions, but act as the blast zone…the blown up, the silly, the fantastic, the unreal, the sarcastic view of teaching.  We’ll see.  That’s something that can be worked through…especially with a music director.  I don’t want this to get all “songs-as-fantasy-sequence” but there is something so appealing about that in limited doses…

Walter Middy it?  Scrubs it?  Has it been done?

I will research my favorite musicals and see. 

This was a straight scene — no music. 

Ultimately, I have to do what I taught my students.  Get it all out on paper first.  Tell your editor to take a break and come back and do her job when the creative part is done.  The inner editor can chip away at that which is not The Project.

Still, I wish it were coming out more inspired and…good.

Later tonight, I assume my First Draft software will arrive.  I will be writing during the boys’ naps and doing research (of both items teaching related and musical theater related) when I can sneak moments in during the day, before the house stirs in the morning, and, if I’m not exhausted, at night for a few minutes.

Have I mentioned both my boys are sick? 

Have I mentioned I have one more show tomorrow?

Have I mentioned my inlaws, who seem to live and die by the calendar, forgot my birthday?


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