Where am I? In the middle of the garden.

Thursday was the last show.  The cast and band were, in a word, brilliant.  I am proud.

I received my Final Draft software.  I had some problems with the program and had to wait all weekend to hear back from Tech Support.  Turns out, I was entering the “user number” incorrectly.  In other words, I couldn’t use the program completely for two days because I am incapable of typing 15 numbers and letters correctly.  Dur.

However, once I re-entered the number (and sent a profuse apology to tech support for wasting their time by being such a dumbass), I was good to go.  I have 6 pages written.  Most of it’s bad.  But it’s a start.  I can craft and cull and create much better now that there are words to go with.

I followed the advice I always used to give my students when they were struggling with a piece of writing — begin in the middle.  So I did.  I started in the middle of the show with a small scene.  Then I wrote the second or third scene of the show.  One song’s lyrics done.  I have a lot of stage directions and the dialog is stilted and absolutely unfunny at this point.  However, I’m getting a sense of how I want to craft this, the characters I want, the characters I can combine.  The tone.

All of the crafting will be much easier once I can better target what my show is really about, at its heart.  I am dancing around that.  I think a long drive for Thanksgiving Dinner at my brother’s house will help me sort through that.

Other than that, I made Monster Cookies with the boys today.  We counted and mixed and smooshed together.  Quite delightful.

The basement is flooded due to some heavy rains combined with local sewer repairs.

My neighbor decided to come over to snoop and chat see what flooding I had right as I was trying to put the boys to sleep and contain the muck in the laundry room and my office.  She was upset I didn’t invite her in.  I was upset she rang the bell so late, freaking the boys out.  I was also upset my dog ran outside and decided to parade around the neighborhood, but I can’t really blame the neighbor for that.  (I still will, I just shouldn’t.)

This week, I am hoping for 15 pages or so…bad pages.  I need to till that soil until it’s fertile.  But things will grow.  I am also making the world’s most kick-ass apple pie.

How good is that?

Not much life lessoning here right now, other than I’ve learned to not answer the door after a certain time when there’s poop in my basement.  And that Monster Cookies are awesome creativity triggers, especially when writing lyrics.


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