Chumbawumba meets Celine Dion, Or I’m Using an Improv Note!

I spent my precious free moments today trying not to think about The Project.  Much more fun to lick my wounds, right?

I lost that battle and surrendered to the Projects.  I have notes to myself all over the house.  On receipts, on envelopes, on Post-Its.

Thoughts of figuring out some technical aspects interwoven with thoughts of characters and pacing.

I surrendered.

I made a schedule for writing and researching for the show.   Hours wrestled from sleep and rescued from commitments that will be ending this week.  Mothering of two toddlers not compromised.

I surrendered.

Draft by New Years.

Appropriate (and much drooled-over) scripting software will be here tomorrow.

Sorted my pile of musical theater DVDs to refresh and inspire (or terrorize) myself.  Made a Netflix list.

I’m ready.

I can’t not do this. I keep saying that, so it’s time to act on it.

I’m reminded of an improv note I got once, “THIS is the moment.  Don’t build to a moment down the road.  Make this the moment.  Then make the next moment that moment.” 

 I’m back up again.

I surrender.


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