A Mother’s Vacation Gratitude Journal (Possibly Mine); or, Spring Break Point

Jackie Pick

Gratitude Journal Instructions — each day, write down 3-5 things for which you are grateful. Really search for the good things in life, and you will find they are bountiful.


  1. Flailing backpacks and shoes upon entering the front door mean the kids are excited for Spring Break to begin. We’re all looking forward to some downtime as a family.
  2. Last indoor football class of the season was tonight. Only five kids cried this time, and one twin’s bloody nose stopped after a couple minutes.
  3. The Gatorade vending machine was broken.
  4. We all fell asleep on the couch together at 7:30. Cozy, and charmingly cramped. Like my neck after two hours.
  5. Decided as a family to try different cuisines all week, a sort of Staycation Eat-Around-the-World Plan. Kids all asked for Mac and Cheese for dinner, so we started here in America. 🙂


  1. Kids wanted to cuddle up close with me for…

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