Day: March 16, 2016

On Making Time and an Amazon Author Page

Jackie Pick

Hello, friends!

Ups and downs. Ups and downs. Remember when you were just about to outgrow the playground seesaw, so you’d sit on it with your friend and just try to balance it in the middle, where you weren’t squatting or high up in the air, just regulating the thing, occasionally shifting to see if you could take your feet off the ground?


It hasn’t been a whole lot of that the last three weeks. I’ve been pushing up to the tippy top and then crashing hard down into the ground, both of which happen partially at the whim of whoever your seesaw partner is.

My seesaw partners switch regularly these days: writing, parenting, partnering, work.

Life is full. Wonderfully, challengingly full.

First the down, because when you’re on a seesaw, that tends to be where you start:  I got two professional rejections in the last few weeks. This is not abnormal, of course; rejection is…

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