Day: September 22, 2014


Today, while Little Little was at school for a whopping two hours, I worked on a draft. It’s over 2000 words and something that I am actually loving it. More precisely, I’m not loathing it. It needs some discipline, a nice trim, and a hug maybe.

I’ve decided to submit it for publication. It’s time to learn that process. It’s time to do that.

While this piece is out speed dating an editor (or a few. Or a hundred.) I will be writing more pieces and sending them out. Lather, rinse, repeat. My biggest challenge, still as always, is getting the ideas.  As mentioned, I always envy those writers who have so many stories to tell.  I have long dry spells followed by intense (and happy) writing periods once an idea has been prompted. I’ve wished often for

I am also going to start working on writing a show. I’ve got at least one writing partner on board. I can’t wait to meet with her and get started.  I have songs, ideas, blackouts and scenes, themes and whispers I want to start to share, flesh out, and bring to life.  In the weeks and months from now that we’re ready to stage it, I may be in it. I may not. But it’s exhilarating and, as it hasn’t gotten beyond a this stage, it is currently perfect.

I’m still here, though. Where else do I get to be so unformed, undisciplined, uninhibited?