Month: August 2014

Rebound. Day 100 of 100 Days of Writing.

100 days ago, I was burned, burnt out, burning. My writing was directionless, felt pointless, and yet I knew…I know…that a writer writes.  I’ve written a lot of junk in the last 100 Days. Some days, I filled pages of my spiral notebook, some days I barely filled a Post-It.  But I wrote.  

These 100 Days have been my rebound…the one I’ve dated for a few months after heartache, but who is not quite right.  My heart wasn’t completely in it…I was guarded, worried about how I was being received.  But I am finding my voice, my confidence, and I am ready to fully commit, to do some full-frontal writing. For me. It’s now going to be a much healthier What Do I Want to Say and not so much I Hope You Like It.

It also helps that 2/3 of my children will be in school for seven hours a day.  That’s still no guarantee of time, but it is a bit of a promise in the wind.  

I had a surge of confidence this past week participating in the 48 Hour Film Project as a performer and as a writer. I am riding that high for awhile, and face the reality that I am my own worst enemy.

So I begin another 100 Days, with more loving and needed guardrails:

1. I will journal every day. I’ve developed my own version of Morning Pages (based on Julia Cameron’s model)

2. I will write on school days, and spend weekends and holidays with the family without guilt. However, if the writing calls to me on weekends or holidays, I will answer the call as long as it does not pull me away from family.

3. I will post more of what I’ve written, and not just commentary on the writing process.

See you in a few days…I’m off to some Labor Day weekend celebrations and a swim!