Ruminate. Day 85 of 100 Days of Writing.

According to this, I must really want to be pregnant. I anticipate an Ortho-novum/Nutella partnership very soon.

For the second time in recent days, I ran across a woman who was terribly offended when a friend of hers wanted to keep something that did not affect the first woman private. Not “private for now with the understanding that eventually I’ll tell you.” Private.  Personal. Not for consumption. And for the second time, this type of offended woman was chattering about it to anyone who would listen.  It has made me think about whether we respect people’s privacy as much as we say we do…and gives me tremendous respect for doctors. We like to know. We like to be in on the information. We also want friends who trust us.  I cherish the friends who can understand a person’s need for privacy is not an indictment of the level of friendship. It’s not about trust. Some of us need private, clear corners of thoughts and experiences that are ours.  It’s tricky, and often shaded ominously by gossip and hurt feelings.  How much do you feel your friends owe you? Disclosure? Trust?

Remember scented Swatch watches? Why was that a thing again?


I am a fan of supporting medical research. I am a fan of education leading to action.  I am a fan of donating time or money that directly benefit causes. I am not a fan of this nebulous thing called “awareness.” As a friend of mine so beautifully asserted, I would rather see thousands of videos of people writing checks/logging into paypal to donate money to help cure ALS or any other cause of their choice than see people dousing themselves with ice water. (Yes, I am aware that it is raising millions of dollars for ALS, but I can’t shake this feeling that there the focus is not always on ALS. Why yes, I am a wet blanket, thank you very much.) Better still, I want to see more scholarships for students interested in medical research. I want to see more students interested in medical research! I’d dump ice water on my head to see that!

I am reading the original Etiquette by Emily Post. It is both hilarious and a lovely reminder that self-respect comes from caring for others. Manners won’t solve the many horrific events in recent weeks, but they may help to make the world smaller.

To that end, I have this cooling in the oven right now (with modifications made to the baking process). Please come over and enjoy a slice!  Let’s catch up!



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