Drizzle. Day 82 of 100 Days of Writing

Today I’m making lists of ideas for scenes, moments in scenes, lines, characters, and transitions for a show I am thrilled to be committed to doing.

So far these are hazy, swirling wisps of thoughts, most of which will not have enough heft for stage. But I like this part.

I’m trying to shut out the:
Who would audition for this?
Who will music direct?
Where will this go up?
Who would come see?

Because that is the death of brainstorming.

I miss being on stage. I enjoy it. It’s time to go back.
There are few opportunities for women (or men, really) my age in non-equity theater. I am happy to create roles for all of us. We’re still silly, we have things to say other than that our bones creak or our children are our gravitational pull…although we say those, too. We’re struggling with our own inbetweenness and the lightspeed hurtle towards aging while still feeling our worries and insecurities..and wondering when the power of experience will kick on full time without us having to jury-rig it. It’s the shoulds vs. the wants. vs. the have tos vs. the can’t vs. the how vs. the world.

This, these…the atoms of story and comedy.


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