Piercing. Day 52 of 100 Days of Writing

I enjoyed my first migraine today.  During the throbbing and gripping onto the couch to stop the house from rocking back and forth, I worked very hard to ignore my loud offspring as they played full-frontal Monopoly and no-holds-barred Rush Hour.  One twin has, at age almost six, mastered a level of yelling/vocal fry that is, on ordinary days, about as grating as The View.  On my hopefully one-time-only Migraine Day (Allons enfants de la patrie/Le jour de gloire est arrivé) the sound was pain-inducing.  It’s not intentional, it’s not malicious, it’s just him being almost 6 on a summer day after spending three hours in math camp.

To block the Joyful Noise, I distracted myself:

Names for Piercing Shops that Sound Not-So-Vaguely Inappropriate

* Dangling
* Studs n’ Holes
* Knots Landing
* Drop ‘Em
* Huggies
* Screw Back, Push Back, French Back, Latch Back, Lever Back
* Apallanging Gang
* House O’ Crusties
* Dermal Punch n’ Go
* Fourchette’s Sake
* Hafata Matata
* Prince Albert (Yes We Can!)

This, people, is why we need the ACA.



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