Behind the Leopard Print Curtain: A Sneak Peak at My Food and Wine Classic Experience. Day 35 of 100 Days of Writing

We returned from Aspen three days ago. My head is still whirling, both from the experience and the rather brusque re-entry to my primary role as Getter of Things Mama.

I’ve spent many sumptuous moments processing this five-day vacation, jotting down notes, trying to put words to feelings and tastes and exhalations.  Very soon it became clear that trying to write about vacation means you need to frame the essay. Which lens worked best for these disparate moments very loosely bound by food?
Here’s a taste…yes, sorry. I’ll try to avoid food puns as I roll this series out over the next few days:

What story to tell? It’s not of food or of celebrity or of travel. It never is. Travelogues and tales of safari and trekking, sailing and soaring are always the backdrop of stories of the Self. After flipping through various lenses through which to tell my little story like some sort of literary phoropter checking to see if each new angle was better or worse, it soon became clear.  Reduce the story to the common denominator.  This is a story of Love. They all are, really.


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