Brandon Tartikoff’s Desk Blotter Confessions — 8 of 100 Days of Writing

Mini-series idea:


By day, walking the toughest beat in Boston.  By night, singing to the toughest beats anywhere.  

A gritty drama about Miranda Wright as she struggles to follow in her father’s footsteps as a keeper of the peace in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston. Miranda wants desperately to honor her father and the city they both love, but in her heart, she wants to rock. Every night she shakes off the grime of fighting crime and  takes to the stage as the lead singer of the hard-rocking group Cufz .  Can she keep up these two lives after the Cufz’s song “You Have the Right to Remain…” unexpectedly becomes a number one hit?

Starring Susana Hoffs as Miranda Wright, William Daniels as her father, Doolin “Do” Wright, and Micky Dolenz as her band’s manager Crosby Peterson.

(Ask art department to get us an image of Miranda slinging a fire arm and a guitar.)



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