Habit formed. Phase Two — Craft

I’m back to writing every day. That habit is formed. I get anxious if I haven’t written anything by 3:00. That’s a very very good sign.

Phase two is now to continue writing but not feel the need to post every day. That was to hold myself accountable and get in the daily writing habit. It has produced some junk. It has produced some crazy. It has produced some good.

So now some writing will be spaced out over days. I want to now publicly present my best, not my every. This means editing and pondering and allowing myself the time to craft a piece, be it  on one day or over eight.

My goal is to continue reigniting the personal essay passion I used to excel at. I want to storytell publicly by years’ end. I want to publish an essay or a short memoir piece.  The fear is brushed off, now is the time for ink-stained fingers. And a beret.


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