Supermarket Poetry

Market parking lot
Darwinian driving
Someone’s gonna die.

This cart is attached
Clinging brethren? Or Lovers?
I just want some chips.

There is no good place
To stop and ponder — Oh Where
Is the Honey Aisle?

Your babes toss items
In your cart. You notice not.
Enjoy the Cheetos

Ceaseless endcaps haunt
Those of us who cannot turn
With faulty-wheeled carts.

I need assistance!
O Frozen Food Assistance!
Leggo My Eggo.

Her derriere sways
As she ponders toothbrushes.
Coat made of muppet.

I am wearing a
Really stupid hat. Who put
Quinoa in my cart?

Sixty-five minutes
Carry twelve bags at a time.
Shit. Forgot turkey.

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