Goals 2014 — Week 3

The empty creative space inside, I realize, is due largely in part to the lack of creative time.  I can’t figure out what it is that I want to do because I’m filling my time with my “Need To Dos,” which, in large part, I don’t.

I’ve begun carving out space for creation…more correctly…space to moodle and figure out what I want to create. This means I am beginning to say no to things. I will not be volunteering as heavily at Baby’s Nursery School, although I will still volunteer.  I will not go to shows that I don’t want to see. I will not be worrying about keeping the house pristine…hygienic and able to find the kids’ mittens in the morning will do.  I will, paradoxically, slow down to pick up the creative pace.

It’s not hard for me to say no…it is hard for me to say yes.  I am seeing a friend’s storytelling show next week. I am fascinated by storytelling and Chicago has a thriving culture. I am excited to go in person to the first of what I hope is many shows.  I am meeting an artist friend for coffee soon to discuss the Artist Group I am toying with.  I am writing down random thoughts in a journal. I’m revisiting that journal and mining it.

I’m here.


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