Goals 2014 — Week 2

We buried a dear friend this morning; I toyed with not posting today.  Yet so much of what was said about this dear man who passed way too early was about how he lived and worked with gusto. If he wanted something, he went for it unabashedly and with passion and with remarkable planning.

I want to write today.  This blog is my work, my workbook, my place to err and to keep myself accountable. It is also a (public and sometimes embarrassing) record of the journey towards finished pieces, towards regular performing, towards a life well lived.  I’ve not written anything that would be something I would blow up into a larger project, but so far, it’s not bad for something I usually only get 20 minutes to work on.

One option, of course, is to not post every day, but once or twice a week. Longer, better, more polished works. For now, I continue showing up on the page every day, as Julia Cameron calls it, and share the sloppy brainstuff. The author of a blog I follow reminded me today that inspiration comes when you do the work.

Work.  Time to reframe this blog, this life, this journey (I’m really hating that word these days, but will always love Steve Perry) and pin down what I want.

I’ll look at Last Week’s Goals, with patience, and move on to better ones.

Last Week’s Goals:

* Write daily on this blog: Done. I feel good about this, even (especially?) on the days I had less than 10 minutes to write and did it anyway.  It’s not my best writing, but it is my committed writing.
* Write daily in my personal journal: Not done. I hit about 50% with this, but some days I had to make the choice between writing here and writing there.  However, I do also keep a Line a Day Journal and am on the 3rd year of this. I have been writing my line each day summarizing what happened.
* Read every day, if only for a few moments. Yes! I’ve been reading some of Rumi’s poetry and selections from a book called The Daily Reader which culls some provocative passages from all manner of great writing.  I also read a page or two a day from An Incomplete Education.  It’s been a week for bits and pieces, but those can be nourishing if I try to savor each word.
* Start with “yes” and go from there, especially with my children. Eh. No biggie. I use the “What part of this can I say yes to” teaching strategy with my kids anyway, plus we have such strong routines that rarely am I asked for something I have to outright say no to.  (I said an absolute NO to a Sponge Bob request, but a yes to a 15-minute- later bedtime on Friday nights only.)
* Practice patience with my children and my spouse and myself.  Tricky in the mornings when it feels like my family has turned into some sort of weather pattern, but this conscious effort has resulted in more deep breathing and a lot more gentleness here at Casa de la Pickadilly.
* Keep school mornings efficient and not stressful. We returned to our routines and encouraged Li’l Mr. Pokey to start his morning chores 10 minutes before his brother so as to avoid the “He’s done and I’m not” breakdown.  Also, all snacks,lunches, and snowpants packed the night before. No exception.
* Select a show to see this month and get tickets. Not yet.
* Listen.  So much yes. These all seem to tie together.

This Week’s Goals

Identify endings and work backwards. What do I want to write first? What show (or show type) do I want to work on/be in this year? What is it I want said at my funeral? What are the skills and traits I want to see my children embrace and practice this year and this lifetime?

What steps are necessary for each?


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