My Year in Photos — Week 5

January 28 -February 3

Maybe if I stopped taking pictures of the mess and started cleaning it...if only life were more like Star Trek, where there was never a mess.
This little science officer examines his tricorder.
Fascinating, Captain.
As Daddy was putting their new dresser together, there was trouble with Twin Tribbles. (Twibbles?)
No replicators were involved in the making of this beautiful dresser. Good job, Captain Huzzy!
Reading Rainbow is Fundamental. (See what I did there?)
My responsibilities as Communcations Officer is to help translate alien languages. (This one says "Logan" but with both a capital and lower-case "l." And the "A" tilts to the side.


One of the benefits of space travel is learning that not all humanoids look like us. Some have fewer teeth.


I need to repair the replicator. This is not tea, Earl Grey, hot.

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