Sunday Shorts

There is a show playing in Chicago (part of the sketch theater world) that is billed as a “9/11 Musical Review”

The show is promoted as a humorous look at the other “scumbags” in addition to the terrorists, like profiteers and (apparently) first responders who punch dogs.

You know…comedy.

The final line of the blurb tries to back pedal a little by saying they finding the comedy that was silenced in this holy moment of tragedy. I’m pretty sure they are trying to say they’re not making fun of the day but of our oh-so-human responses to the tragedy.

That’s a fine line, folks, and — and let me assure you I don’t know the players, writers, or the script — to me it seems like they are stomping all over that line.

It just seems tasteless. Unholy. At best (AGAIN, based on marketing) it is capitalizing on the event.

Yes, comedy can heal…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write my HILARIOUS musical about Bosnian refugee rape victims suffering from AIDS and cancer. Not the actual war. That was sad, of course. Just the peripheral stuff.  Like the really funny insensitive border guard.  Or the wacky medics who mix up the rape kits of two victims. Hee.

And I might throw in a bone, a moment of serious tribute, just so you know I’m a sensitive artist and not a tool. Laughter is the best medicine. And if you don’t find it funny, you don’t understand me, humor, or life.  And fuck you. I’m edgy.

Holy God. I know people who died. People with great senses of humor and compassion. This doesn’t really seem to honor them…based, again, on the advertising.

I hope all those men and women and children who perished that day and because of that day continue to be remembered fondly.

And I will always be glad we have the freedom to put up all sorts of art.  So this is my expression of disapproval and let that show go on. Maybe it’ll be surprising.

I fully recognize I am not completely informed about the show. This opinion is based on marketing only.


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