I Just Want the Information

I started my day yesterday with a call from Discover saying my card had been used to make some questionable purchases. These idiots who get your cc number tend to make a $1 purchase here and a $1 purchase there and then go for the big guns. In less than 48 hours, Discover had caught the fraud…I would have too as I check my account every few days.

They closed the old account and I get a new card today.

I am inconvenienced, for certain. I have items I need to return on the old card and that’s going to be a hassle, I’m sure. I’m feeling violated and angry at this person, who I imagine is a hipster teen/young adult. Most of the purchases were for music, music related equipment, and DJ site.

I’m guessing Discover caught the fraud when a purchase on “BigFun.com” came up.

Now, had the thief been slick, he’d have purchase stuff from “CrankyCurmudgeons.org.net.edu”

I was so frazzled yesterday by this and by work that I honestly forgot completely about the blog. I’m a little surprised by that.  Usually, this blog whispers and tugs at me until I write something.


I spent most of the day wondering who this person was, how they got my number (I am so so so careful, but I also went to a few new places for the boys’ birthday and I’m convinced it was via one of those brick-and-mortar stores rather than Amazon). I need to know. I need to humanize this person.

The rest of my worry for yesterday was about the next show I’m working on. The needs keep changing…one stage fight has turned into four plus teach-em-how-to-hit and maybe a knife fight. I am repeating that moves and knife fights cannot be thrown into a show. Hopefully that was heard. But my work time is, as always, snuck into stolen moments. My four fights now are done starting at 8pm, when I am coming off a 14-hour day of running after two energetic, curious toddlers.

Plus the whole early-pregnancy exhaustion. I’m glad I’m exhausted. I’m taking that as a positive sign that this little bean will stick.

But it’s hard to think and create, never mind run through the moves in a genre I am unfamiliar with when I just want to float on some dream clouds for 10 hours.

I am stressed also because I have no announced start date. Could be any time. I need to have all this work done by Saturday in case they need me then. So I need to chart it out and then learn how to do the moves and fake punch so I can explain it to this group.

Yet I don’t want to whine…I like being able to work. This will probably be the last choreography job I take for 6-8 months. (Although if I’m needed to direct or write or perform, I’m game…big ol’ preggo roles).  People would give their eye teeth to get to work with the awesome folks I do. They’d relish the challenge.

I just want to know if I’m going to be able to sleep this week….

Going with the flow…preparing for a Friday email that says, “Can you come tomorrow?” so I can give a hearty and excited “YES!”

I am still trying to YES things. Even the unknown.


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