Am I the First to Make an Asssshat joke?

Going viral is a clip from the Del Close Marathon in New York where a monologist pulled from the audience (also an improviser) told a story about raping a drunk woman. And then the group performed sketches about it.

You can read about the details here, because I’m too sickened to go into detail about it.  No matter how much of this story is true or how much was fictionalized, or complete fiction…he’s a sociopath.

What I am also hating is how much so many (but not all) discussions gloss over that the improv group went on and did sketches about this. Sure, they mentioned the word “rape” but ultimately they put on a show…for people’s amusement and entertainment.  They’re getting goddamned sympathy because they were put in “such a difficult position” of maybe having to break the rules and get this guy offstage or pick a new monologist or call the damned police of having to make sketches based on this.

No one stood up and told this guy “NO. LEAVE.”

Seems the only one strong enough to do that was the woman he raped in his story.

Hey improvisers….stop giving the art form such a blow job and recognize when giant mistakes are made.


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