There’s Some Sort of Crazy Sports Thing Going on This Month.

In a classic battle of the sexes destined to rival Billie Jean King v. Bobbie Riggs…I bring you Young People on Sports and Gender, sponsored by the good people at the Facebook.

From a young man I did a show with:

Today there’s gonna be a ton of girls cheering for a team they know nothing about, getting excited cuz “everyone else is getting excited and that makes me excited!”, and a lot of beer drinking. All butch girls who want to argue may sign below.”

I signed, confessing that I wasn’t butch.

My inner 2nd Wave Feminist, all fired up, suddenly remembered this update posted by a gal I did a show with.  This was from the Superbowl:

 “Welp, since my Colts and the Bears aren’t in the super bowl, I am going to take the very girly approach of picking my team to cheer for today based on the hotness of the quarterback – GO sexy A-ROD and the Pack.”

I think I’ve crossed over from curmudgeon to crotchety. 

And that makes me feel underwelped.


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