Day: June 26, 2010


The question popping and repopping in my brain is…do I really want to bitch about a year of improv?

The answer is no. However, it is still important for me to process it and to learn from it. I want to summarize the year and see what happened. What could I have done differently? What happened that led me to where I am today, both the good places and the painful ones.

Dearest Reader(s) — assuming you are there — hang on. The point is to learn from my Shattered Improv Year…it’s brought me to a great place.

From the fire I rise…

Considering I just got another show, which would not have happened if I hadn’t gone through everything, it all turns out ok, doesn’t it?

The goal in the retelling and the learning-through-retelling? A good, hearty, funny story.


Happy Weekend, all!