Day: June 11, 2010

How Much Mucus Can One Baby Head Hold?

Please don’t answer that.  Monkey L. is sick for the first time.  While I’m thrilled that we’ve really gone 21 months with nary a problem, illness is fighting back with a vengeance.  His whole head is swollen.  He’s barfing mucus.  He’s exhausted and yet not sleeping. 

My with-it-ness has, momentarily, converted to with-him-ness, while also trying to mother Monkey J.  And go to two shows to support people I admire in the theater community.  And my own tech rehearsals for my show, opening tomorrow.

I cannot cannot cannot wait to stop writing lame posts get to the Project.  I think I can exhale AND blog AND write by Sunday. 

I can’t wait to share the latest ideas for The Show, and some inspirations for The Novel.  Which will win the title of The Project?