A Little Bit — October 2020 Month in Review

I almost put up September’s Month in Review post, as an homage to the Groundhog’s Day that is this pandemic and the work and the distance learning.

October felt magnified and dampened all at the same time. This pandemic has heightened life’s antipodes. Like many of you, I’m trying to find meaning in the big picture and hope in the smaller moments. I will be writing more about that in coming days and weeks.

For now I think we’re all focused on tomorrow and this next week and the next four years, so my little stories can wait.

If you need some distraction until results come in:

Enjoy some delightful bird portraits!

Enjoy some delightful reads on feminism!

Enjoy some delightful dancers!

Enjoy some delightful news!

I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year and will keep you posted. Stay safe and have hope.


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