Knit Picks

Jackie Pick

Shouldn’t I know how to do things?

Shouldn’t I know more?

Shouldn’t I be better at this?

Shouldn’t I have mastered something? Anything?

It’s been a week.

Back to school routines, assessment tests, extracurriculars. New schedules, feeling behind, racing everywhere morning ’til night. Tending to illnesses, celebrating milestones, squeezing in a shower whenever possible.

In surrendering my office so that my twins could each have their own bedroom, my stuff is now scattered around the house in no fewer than seven locations, mostly closets and nooks. It’s fine – we’re putting on an addition to the house in the coming weeks and I’ll have space then – but my driver’s license is up for renewal and upgrade to REAL id, I needed to put my grubby hands on all sorts of identification. Back when I had all of my detritus in my office, I knew exactly what was where – old teaching materials, scraps of half-baked essay…

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